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5 Quick Painting Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

As fun as house painting may sound, it takes work. And tackling the task without preparation will leave you with less than impressive results. So, before grabbing your paintbrush, understand how to do everything quickly and efficiently. Although you might not be the most experienced painting contractor in Avon, CT, with enough dedication and time, you’ll be able to paint your home like a pro in no time.

To streamline your house painting endeavors, Avon Professionals House Painters lays out everything you need to know to paint your home quicker and easier:

Wash the Surfaces You Want to Paint First

Painting your home without washing it before won’t yield good results. Applying paint on an unwashed spot can negatively impact the paint job since it’ll prevent the dye from adhering to the surface due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime.

Hence, to guarantee proper adhesion, wash the surfaces first. And you can hasten the process by using a pressure washer or hiring a painting contractor in Avon, CT.

Pick the Same Paint Hue or Go Darker

Picking the right color dictates how easy it’ll be to paint your home. You’ll incur more effort if you choose a contrasting shade, so it’s best to go for the same color or darker. It’ll take several coats to cover the existing hue, so select something similar for a faster process.

You can hasten your paint selection process by peeling paint from your home and using that as a reference when purchasing new paint. And if you’re struggling, you can hire a painting contractor in Avon, CT, for an easier time.

User Primer When Needed

Painting contractors would argue that using a primer is mandatory for cleaner results. But to save time, only use it when necessary. For instance, a primer is optional if your home’s existing paint is still in excellent condition. And this is especially true if you’re only painting over a surface with the same hue.

But note that things will change when painting tough spots like bare wooden surfaces or rust-stained areas! If this is the case, you’ll always need to apply a primer before painting them for cleaner results. Hence, remember only to use the primer on vital spots, not the whole structure!

Keep Paint Scraping to a Minimum

Paint scraping is a tedious process, and once you begin to scrape, you’ll see how much of the existing hue you need to remove. And at the end of the day, you likely won’t be able to remove them all! Hence, this can be a hassle, especially for those who have to cover an expansive area.

Minimize paint scraping as much as possible. But if you find it taxing and challenging, hire a painting contractor in Avon, CT. They can do all the nitty gritty for you, ensuring a top-quality, clean paint job.

Use a Paint Roller on Flatter Areas

Reliable House Painting Contractor in Avon, CT, to Hasten Your Painting Project?

Use a paint roller on flatter surfaces for a smooth and fast paint job. Hence, if your home has a lot of flat sidings or areas, use this painting tool to apply the paint. Moreover, you can use an extension pole to hasten the process. But note that paint rollers only work well on other surfaces, like shiplap sidings or other similar areas.

You can hasten the process by working with a reputable painting contractor in Avon, CT, leaving you not to worry about not having the right tools on hand.

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